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* For example, your site is out of date, you want a new design, it doesn't perform well.
* Think about who you want to use your web site, who is your customer/client.
* Consider what they want to be able to do on your site and then what you want them to do on your site. these might be the same things, but they could well be different, e.g. they want to read a blog post, you want them to sign-up for your newsletter.
* For example; capture emails for marketing purposes, display real-time Facebook or Twitter feeds, PayPal integration, photo galleries etc.

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Design Notes

* Websites you like and why, these may be competitors sites or any site you particularly like the style of.
* Who is the competition? Listing your competitors is vital to ensure: you offer similar features that are useful, improve on what the market already offers & that your website is distinct from theirs.
Please note here any additional detail which is pertinent to your site, for example: Look and feel e.g. colours, monochrome scheme, use of graphics. The style of your site, e.g. classic, contemporary, fun. Things you may like to add to your site in the future.
Please attach any relevant files, sketches, screenshots etc.

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