This week I had one of those very irritating conversations with someone where I wanted to scream out loud ‘slow down, go back to basics, you’ve lost me’.  It was a really technical subject and I’d sought out someone who I thought could help  me understand more, and I was paying for the privilege.  Does this sound familiar.  It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it when you are taking to someone about a subject you don’t understand and you are lost in the first 5 minutes.

It makes you feel like this….

stupid | bored | cross

When you need to bring in special expertise for a job of any kind, there there are several things you need them to do:

    1. Explain what needs to be done in terms you can understand
    2. Tell you how long the job will take
    3. How much it will cost
    4. When the job will be completed

It really isn’t rocket science but it hardly ever happens this way.

Half the battle when you need to bring someone in to do a job, is that you don’t know anyone you trust.  We all need a room in our house decorating, we just don’t have a fair idea of cost or anyone we trust with our house keys.

Your web site is a precious commodity, its your brand, it represents the personality of your business.  You need to place a value on that and get the right person in for the job.

If I had to chose a web developer to work with, this is my list of requirements:

  • Great communication – it’s really important to get a dialogue going with someone you are going to work with, if they aren’t interesting in talking to me about my project, then I wouldn’t be giving them my business.
  • I would want to meet them – you can tell a lot about someone when you meet them, you find out a little bit about who they are and if they are someone you can relate to.
  • A sense of humour would be preferable – no discussion on this one, people who take themselves too seriously think they are better than you, and it’s not a great way to start a business relationship.

Knowledge should not equal power.

Knowledge is for sharing, teaching and empowering.

I admire the values of honesty and integrity above all others, because everything else stems from there.  I have an immense pride in the work I do. The clients I enjoy working with the most are the ones where I have a great communication channel, they value what I can bring to their business, and we understand each other.