If I had a penny for every time someone asked me…

“…so how do I get on the first page of Google?”

… then I would have a very full bank account indeed. Also I would have a lot of bored clients. The answer is not simple and I could talk for hours  about SEO (search engine optimisation), long tail keywords, back links, authority, rankings, algorithms, etc etc.  Also there is no guaranteed path of success on the yellow brick road to the Emerald City that is Google. There are companies out there who will work constantly on your SEO strategy and you will pay them handsomely for the privilege, and depending on your location and class of business you may never get there.

My clients aren’t rich but they are motivated to get themselves into the best position they can to bring customers to their door. So here’s what I tell them (… before I try and sell them my Get Me On Google! package – I’m crafty that way).

Piggy back your way to the top using Yell.com

It’s a simple strategy that costs you nothing, but many people fail to notice that in the natural listings, entries in the Yell.com business listings are often near the top. Its free to register with Yell.com, then follow these simple steps:

  • When the nice man calls you to verify your listing, don’t fob him off as a salesman – yes of course he is trying to sell you an upgraded listing, say ‘maybe at a later date’ and then take 10 minutes to be nice to him, it can make all the difference in the appearance of your listing and also what categories you appear in
  • When he asks you do you have a web site, say ‘oh yes thank you, I already have a great web designer’ (thats me), do not accept web design services from this man, you have never met him and he probably wears socks and sandals
  • Once you have a listing on Yell.com, and it may take a little time to be validated, then take the time to update it with the right keywords that will get you found
  • Get your customers to add some reviews on yell.com, yes I know you have them on your site and on Facebook, but spread the love around people!! We are simple folk & very predictable, given a choice between a listing with or without a review I know who I would choose. Here’s my listing as an example

Of course I can help you with this plus
all the other ways you can improve your Google rankings


…and I’d love to talk to you about affordable ways to do just that.  At Mulberry Design I help small businesses more forward with their WordPress web sites, just get in touch if I can help you.  Righto, off to wow some lucky client with my brainy-ness (is that a word…).