Whoa there, hang on, that’s a bit drastic, are you sure? What do you mean your site is rubbish and you need a new one?  Let’s just put the bank on hold with the remortgage to cover the cost of the new site and take a look at why you are feeling like this…

Web sites are a cause of stress for many people, but they don’t need to be.  If you have fallen out of love with your site I would wager that it’s one of three things that are bothering you:

1. Is your web site like your wardrobe, you look at it and think ‘blargh’.  It’s a little bit like when you look in your wardrobe and decide that you have nothing to wear, and need to buy something new?

If you are tired of how your site looks, and you are using WordPress, fear not, lets just re-theme it.

A re-theme is super easy, takes about a day and we are done.  WordPress stores your content (pages, words, images, blog etc) separately from theme, the theme is what controls the way it looks.  It’s like redecorating your house, its the same room, just a new colour.  You don’t need to go to the gym, get a new hair cut or embark on the 5:2 diet. Perfect.

2. You know you bought that amazing whizzy smart phone that was going to change your life, revolutionise your organisational skills and make sure you were never late for a meeting again?    Well, you’ve got it but haven’t got a clue how to use it, so you dig your old one out of the drawer of doom and go old school. Coward.

You don’t need a new site, you need to learn how to use it.

Stop being such a granny (sorry… grannies are totally lovely, and have worth beyond anything that technology can bring) and get yourself some training.  If you are fortunate enough to have a lovely WordPress site, I can help you! An hour can make a massive difference and if you can spare 3 hours you can come and work for me afterwards.  Training is all you need, I guarantee it, a few hours plus a bit of practise is all it’s going to take, so let’s stop saying ‘I can’t’ shall we, it’s not cool. | READ MORE

3. Was it designed more than 3 years ago, doesn’t work on your iPad and you have to scroll across your mobile phone screen about 6 times to read the text?

If you are ‘pinching’ the screen a lot to read your site then yes you probably do need a new site.

If you are running a small business where your site is just like an online brochure, an introduction to your business, then you could have a lovely new site in around 10 days, without emptying your savings account, and some skills which will help you feel like your site is your friend, and not your enemy.  | READ MORE

Okay, so I’m glad we had this little pep talk, and we got to the bottom of the problem pretty easily.  At Mulberry Design some of the most rewarding work I do is not just with new businesses, but with established small business owners who need to improve on their current site, with some training or tweaks here and there.  WordPress is intuitive to use and anyone can learn to run their own site with ease.  Thats all for now, just off to buy a gym membership and some celery, my web site is looking alright but my clothes are a bit tight.