We all know that when you buy a house its location, location, location, but did you know that your business location can be just as important.  It doesn’t matter if you are working in your home office under a pile of paperwork & half a dozen coffee cups (not that I do that, but if I did would you still read on…)  or if you have a snazzy state of the art facility at some prestigious location – no indeed not.

If your business targets customers in a particular area, then Google Places can really help people find you.

This works especially well for businesses in town and villages, and is amplified if you are also offering a specialist service or product.  With a small time investment your location can help you appear on that first page of a Google search.

Google isn’t snobby about your premises, but it does want to know where you are

Yes, I know, awesome, the geographical nature of your location can get you on that elusive first page of Google.  I believe that Google Places (also called Google Business) are an underused element of the Google Search, and one which small localised businesses can use to their advantage.

Your geographical location can get you on that elusive first page of Google

When you search for a local business on Google there are 3 things that you see at the top of the page

1. The Adverts – the sites at the top are paying to be up there

2. Google Places – these are local business matching your search

3. Natural Search – rated based on a variety of factors, keywords, links, content etc

So, the message is simple here…

Get yourself a Google Places listing ASAP!

Of course, this is just one part of a brilliant strategy to get you noticed – I can sew (where is this going… stay with me people) and I make lovely dresses for my children, and I could walk into my local trendy boutique tomorrow shouting and waving with one in my hand, and they would definitely notice me.  Now, the important part – if what I’m selling has a few threads hanging loose and button falling off they probably wouldnt buy it – what I’m trying to say is that getting people to your virtual front door is just the first step, because you also need:

  • A web site which is visually appealing
  • A site that works on mobile and tablet devices
  • The right content to sell your business or service

There is no point being at the top if one look at your site causes your user to bounce elsewhere – and that’s where I can help you.

Get in touch today to discuss your next web project, or a refresh of your current one, so when your customers find you, they stay. Righto best dash, I’d better clear up this paperwork.