WordPress began life as a blogging platform (even the term blogging makes me want to nod off), but its really moved on since then.  However, blogging is not to be dismissed as a pastime for people who like the sound of their own voices, indeed no…

Fresh content is essential for how Google rates your site

Since Google changed its ranking algorithm, businesses dropped off the first page of the search results and were never to be seen again. Why? Well they made it more complex and harder to cheat the system.  One element of this is how ‘fresh’ your site is. For a lot of brochure type sites, content is static, because your core business isn’t really changing, you might update something from time to time – well not any more people, you are going to have to work harder than that!

If you aren’t updating your site Google thinks you have gone out of business

Fresh content is essential for how your site is rated and therefore where it appears in the natural search, if you aren’t on the first, or at a push the second page, then you might as well go home, put the kettle on and start thinking about your CV.

The bottom line is – you need to blog, blog and blog some more

If your site doesn’t have an area for you to create a scheduled update, maybe weekly or even monthly, then you need to get one.  Let’s face it, we all have an opinion on something, and having a blog is like a license to talk, except you get to: eradicate your accent (important if like me you are Northern), re-write if it’s a bit waffly, and delete any of the offensive bits – if only conversation was so easy!  Anyone can write a blog, keep it brief, fresh and relevant.  It doesn’t matter if no one reads it, Google will like that your site has fresh content.

This has the added benefit of you having content to share over the social media networks, which has a whole host of benefits and could drive traffic to your site, thus further improving your rankings. It’s a win win situation.

Who knows, people might even find what you say interesting, stranger things have happened…